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Cat Action Team

VOLUNTEER WITH US! Ideas for Volunteer Roles Include:


Data Genius

Love data? or creating/updating systems for collecting and organizing data? Help us get our act together! We have lots of volunteers and donors, but we need to input information to keep track. It’s needed for publication and for grant applications. How many S/N surgeries did we do? How many cats did we foster? How far did our food donations go?

Early Bird/Night Owl

Love staying up late or getting up early? Like taking drives in the wee hours of the night or morning? Join our on-call field crew! Trapping cats is much harder than it sounds. Every time we set a trap for a feral/colony cat, we must go back and check the trap many times during the day and night and early morning. Working as a team means no one person gets burned out doing everything. You can specify what area you’d like.

Social Butterfly

 Love talking to people? We need you at our pet-food drives! Pet-food donations are the lifeline to people who can’t afford to feed large cat colonies or sometimes even their own few cats. We need energetic folks to talk us up at our monthly food drives.

Coffee-Shop Crawler/Lady Who Lunches

Do you visit area coffee shops, restaurants and shops often? Please take and hang our fliers every time you go! Community bulletin boards get cleaned off monthly or weekly. We need help blanketing pet-food stores, libraries, post offices, you name it, on a regular basis. You can volunteer for a specific area or county.

English Major

Have a way with words? Please help us write grant applications, fundraising letters and newsletter articles.

Mama Cat/Daddy Cat

Can’t adopt a cat permanently? Have an extra room in your home? How about becoming a temporary foster parent? We desperately need temporary homes for kittens as they wait to be adopted. We provide food and medical care. You get to enjoy playing/socializing.

Please provide the best way to reach you and a description of how you might like to help. We'll get back to you!

Cat Action Team

P.O. Box 7722 Charlottesville, Virginia 22906

(434) 738-2228